Ayahuasca Retreat Peru, Emotional and Physical Detox Retreat 8 days October 2022

Retreat Price:  $2,750 for 8 days 

Retreat Dates:   2022, October 25- November 2

Full refund will be issued in case the event is cancelled by the organizer or in a case of Global Disaster or Force Majeure events in the world, Including Pandemic and other events, which may cancel the flights or travel to the retreat location.

This is the healing retreat during which the Plant Medicine will be used as a tool to open your consciousness, so you can go deep inside yourself and receive truthful information and healing/
For many people it is very difficult to receive and hear the voices of the true self. This happening because of the constant mind activity and mind chatter. For this reason many people living unhealthy and unhappy life,  following guidance of the ego, instead of the soul guidance.

This creates many different problems in life: emotional issues, wrong decisions and physical illnesses.

During this retreat our main goal will be to connect with the real self, so it will guide you in to the direction of emotional and physical healing, finding life purpose, finding the correct road to happiness.

Sometimes people go to Ayahuasca ceremonies without guidance, just out of curiosity or other reasons. Most of the time they do NOT create any changes in their life, since the intentions for the communication with the plant medicine were not set correctly and the integration process was not done.

This retreat is designed to change your life, to start your road to happy and healthy living. You will have support and guidance before and after the ceremonies by Nina, who is a professional holistic and spiritual coach and working with the plant medicine for the last 5 years. 

The Shaman Percy Garcia is dedicated to healing and NOT just to the visionary experience.
This is a life changing and healing retreat, not just the Ayahuasca retreat – this is what makes the difference.

Retreat Location

The retreat will run in in the quiet remote settings in wilderness of Amazonian Forest.
During the retreat you will be totally disconnected from your daily routine, there are will be no electric, no phone and no internet. You will get the full connection with Mother Nature and Your Inner Self.
Amazon Rainforest is unique place, where you can feel the real soul of our planet, hear thousands of voices of our planet. This is the place, where you are able to find yourself.
The real self, that may be lost in our civilized daily life, where usually no time to hear the inner voice of your soul.

The retreat combines the modern practices as well as ancient Indian Shamanic ceremonies.

Ayahuasca Retreat Peru October 2022    Full information and pricing